Commercial/Industrial Quick Start Guide

Temperature Requirements: The surface temperature should be between 50–100°F.


Coverage Rate and Application Method:

  • 1 gallon covers approximately 100 sq ft at 10 mil thickness. Apply two coats at 10 mils per coat.
  • For small projects, roll-on or brush-on.
  • Spray-on coating requires a surface temperature of at least 60°F.

STEP 1. Make sure the application surface is clean.

  • Brush or spray off any dirt, debris, or rust chips.
  • Use Pella Roof Coatings Degreaser/Cleaner to prepare to clean off stuck on grime and dirt that you don't want trapped under your coating. 

STEP 2. Ensure the surface is completely dry.

  • No water or moisture residue should be evident as this will cause the coating to blister.
  • Wiping dry is not enough, NO water should be present before coating application. Be careful not to apply product when morning dew is present.

STEP 3. Apply two even coats of product.

  • Each coat should be approximately 10 mils thick.
  • Allow drying for 2–4 hours before applying a second coat.
  • To apply over EPDM / TPO roofs, apply a light skim coat before applying the first and second coats. A skim coat helps reduce any pulling or stretching of EPDM / TPO rubber that coating is being applied to (Surface will smooth out in time regardless).