Collection: RV Roof Coating Collection

  1. To stop leaks, apply Pella RV Repair and Sealant on any holes or leaks you need to waterproof: screw heads and screw holes, seams from overlapping panels, around air-conditioner installs, solar panel brackets, vents, skylights, tv/radio antennas, satellites. It’s a mastic—a thicker material that will seal into a tough, durable, heat-reflecting, and UV-resistant waterproof repair. Apply to targeted fastener/seam/roof penetration and also to the local surrounding area, 3–4 inches past targeted area is usually desirable. The goal is to create a seamless layer of waterproof material that both seals the targeted area and bonds to the surrounding surface.
  2. For a full seal of your entire roof, now apply Pella RV LeakGuard Top Coat. Work from front to back—it’s just like painting a room. Use a brush or roller to coat the entire surface of your RV or trailer roof. Generally, you’ll want to lay down a skim coat (a very thin layer, where you can still see the underlying roof color), and then a first coat (approx. 10 mils thick), and then a second coat (also approx. 10 mils thick) for a waterproof, seamless membrane that keeps your RV cooler in the sun and dry in the rain. Prevent leaks and seal your roof with a clean, bright white coat of Pella RV LeakGuard Top Coat.