Additional Products

Pella Roof Coating – SuperClean Cleaner/Degreaser

Pella Roof Coating SuperClean Cleaner/Degreaser provides improved surface preparation by effectively removing oil, grease, mildew, and dirt from your roofing membrane. Pella Roof Coating’s SuperClean Cleaner/Degreaser is field-tested to be compatible with all Pella Roof Coating products, and will not void the warranty. You can also use SuperClean annually to further protect your roof, allowing dirt and grease, etc. to be removed, further extending your roof service life

Super Clean Cleaner/Degreaser | Pella Roof Coatings

Fabric KM Mesh

2″ x 180′ or 4″ x 180′

For gaps larger than 1/16″, soak fabric mesh in PRC Liquid Rubber and press into gap. Proceed to apply coating.