Repair and Extend the Life of Your Roof

Repair and extend the life of your roof, restoring it to water-tight, rather than replacing it. If the roof of your industrial or commercial building is structually sound, Pella Roof Coatings PRC550 Top Coat and PRC500 Premium Sealer products can restore it to water-tight, like-new condition. Pella Roof Coatings products can withstand ponding water 24/7, 365 days a year. The bright-white, UV-reflective coating also lowers heating/cooling costs and has built in mildewcides and fungicides.

  • Use PRC500 Seam Sealer

    - Use PRC500-Pella Premium Seam Compound for when thicker material is required—over joints, pinholes, screw heads, seams, protrusions, brackets, and around HVAC installs.

    - PRC500 Seam Sealer is meant to be used in conjunction with PRC550 Pella Roof Coatings Top Coat.

  • Then Use PRC550 Top Coat

    - Roll or Brush on PRC550 to begin application of Top Coat.

    - As 1 Gallon of PRC550 covers approx. 100 sq ft at 10 mils, you'll want to roll on 100-500 sq ft at a time.

    - 1 coat will provide protection, 2 coats for a total of 20 mils thickness is recommended.

  • Complete Protection for your Roof

    - No primer needed

    - Indefinite pot life (with lid secured)

    - Will take standing water 365 days/year

    - ASTM Tested and Energy Star Approved

    - Proven to outlast standard roof coatings 4x longer

    - Elastomeric liquid rubber forms a seamless membrane

    - Waterproofs within 2-4 hours of application