Specially Formulated Liquid Roof Coatings for Metal Roofs and RVs.

Extend the life and repair the roof of metal buildings, storage buildings, and RV roofs.

Also for BUR Roofs, EPDM Roofs, and aged TPO Roofs.

Roll-on or Brush-on.

MADE IN THE USA  Made in the USA  40 Year Formula History

Pella Elastomeric Liquid Rubber Roof Coating


PRC550 – Pella Elastomeric Liquid Rubber Roof Coating

Protect your roof and prevent further deterioration of your metal, BUR, or TPO roof with the application of Pella Elastomeric Liquid Rubber. A unique, specially formulated rubber (SEBS) fluid applied roof coating, Pella Elastomeric Liquid Rubber is easy to apply, has a Class A fire rating, and provides a strong yet flexible membrane that boasts long-term ultraviolet protection. Guard your assets against roof leaks and deterioration with Pella Elastomeric Liquid Rubber Roof Coating.

Specifically Formulated for: Two-Pass Roof Applications—Metal Roofs, Modified and BUR Roofs, Aged TPO, Storage Buildings, Metal Buildings, Grain Bins, Mobile Homes, Machine Sheds, Storage Sheds, Metal Roofs, Waterproofing Around Solar Panel Installs. Easy Application. Roll-on or brush-on.

  • Ceramic infused Liquid Rubber
  • Enhanced with rust inhibitor primers, adhesion promoters & mildewcides
  • No mixing required; use directly out of can
  • Excellent for most common roof substrates; TPO, EPDM, and metal
  • Top tier, commercial grade quality
Pella Roof Coatings Elastomeric Liquid Rubber Product Photo
Completed Rubber Roof on Metal


Add PRC500 – Pella Premium Seam Compound for when a thicker material is required—make pinholes, screw heads, along seams, and around HVAC installs water-tight. Used as a t-sealer or filler. Apply this product to joints, corners, and gaps. Once cured, apply PRC550 Roof Coating as a topcoat.

  • Quickly & easily seals seams, cracks & penetrations
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • No mixing required; use directly out of can
  • Rubber base sealant—built to last!
  • Reduces the need for 3 coursings
  • Excellent for a variety of substrates
Seam Compound for Roof Coatings
Elastomeric Liquid Rubber Roof Coating


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Pella Silicone Coating for Commercial Roofs


PRC350 – Pella Silicone Coating for Commercial Roofs

PRC 350 – Pella Silicone Coating for Commercial Roofs is a high solid, low VOC, one-part silicone elastomeric coating specifically designed for use in roofing applications as a protective coating over a variety of roofing substrates. Once cured this liquid applied silicone coating provides a durable, seamless, flexible, waterproof membrane that resists lateral and shear movement, *and will allow for thermal expansion and contraction. Silicone is used in a wide variety of building applications because of its strong performance characteristics: UV resistance, temperature resistance, higher stress tolerance due to movement, and continued flexibility over time.

  • Commercial grade silicone field coat
  • Easy to use, bright white formulation
  • High solid, high build formula
  • Excellent for most common roof substrates; TPO, EPDM & BUR
  • One-pass coverage in most cases
  • No need to mix; use directly out of container
Silicone Roof Coatings
Pella Roof Coatings Silicone Roof


Check out PRC300 – Pella Silicone Sealant for Commercial Roofs Silicone repair product – stop leaks! Quick patch and repair of leaks, even underwater. Use on flashing, etc. Pella Silicone Sealant was specifically developed as a protective sealant for pipe boots, seams, flashing areas, curbs, exposed fasteners, and all other breaches in a roof system that allow water to enter a structure. With excellent adhesion to other silicone products, Pella Roof Coating’s Silicone Sealant is proven to provide long-term durability versus water-based sealants.

Specifically formulated for: Fasteners/flashings, Metal buildings and roofs, Modified bitumen and built-up roofs, Polyurethane foam and concrete surfaces or roofs, Single-ply roofs, Industrial roofs, PVC Roofs. Apply with roller or brush.

  • Quickly & easily fix leaks, fill voids & treat seams
  • Use on a variety of projects—roofs, gutters and DIY projects
  • Apply on dry or moist surfaces
  • Excellent for poor draining areas & flat roofs
  • UV Resistant
  • No need to mix; use directly out of container
Silicone Sealant for Roof Coatings
PRC300 – Pella Silicone Sealant for Commercial Roofs


For repairs underwater, you need Pella Silicone Super Seal, a silicone repair product that works on roofs that have areas with ponding water for seam sealing and roofing repairs.

Pella Silicone Super Seal 20 oz tube


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RV LeakGuard


Use PRC 750 – Pella RV Top Coat to form a full protective coating and sealant for the entire roof of your RV. Cut time and labor costs in half. Pella RV Top Coat is a professional-grade solvent-based product with an incredibly fast setup time and can be exposed to rain just 3–4 hours after application. This is an RV roof coating that is quick to use and easy to apply.

Easy to Apply!

For a full seal of the entire RV / trailer / 5th wheel roof, apply Pella LeakGuard Top Coat. Just like painting a room, use a brush or roller to coat the entire surface of the RV or trailer roof for a waterproof, seamless membrane that keeps the RV cooler in the sun and dry in the rain. Prevent leaks and protect your investment with Pella RV LeakGuard Top Coat.

Specifically Formulated For – Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Cargo Trailers, Mobile Homes, Buses, Shipping Containers, House Boats, Food Vending Trailers, Semi/Tractor Trailers, Livestock Trailers, 5th wheels, Waterproofing Around and Under Solar Panel Installs.

  • High quality, high-performance topcoat
  • Ceramic infused liquid rubber resulting in excellent durability
  • Keep your interior cool during the summer months
  • Make your camper roof perform like a newer roof
  • Ready to use straight out of the can
  • Excellent weatherability
RV Top Coat Sealant
RV Roof Coating


Before fully recoating the roof of your trailer or RV, use PRC 700 – Pella RV Roof Repair and Sealant to stop leaks, cover seams, and protect bracket and vent installs. This thicker material adds extra coating strength to joints, seams, and areas that may require particular robustness or flexibility.

Easy to Apply!

To stop leaks, brush or roll Pella RV Roof Repair and Sealant onto any holes or leaks you need to waterproof: screw heads and screw holes, seams from overlapping panels, around air-conditioner installs, solar panel brackets, vents, skylights, TV/radio antennas, and satellites. Best applied at temperatures greater than 50°. It’s a mastic—a thicker material that will seal into a tough, durable, heat-reflecting, and UV-resistant waterproof repair. The application surface must be completely dry, free from water, dew, and moisture. Once the repair sealant has cured, RV Leakguard Top Coat may be applied to coat entire roof surface.

  • Fix your roof efficiently & effectively
  • Use on a variety of RV roofs: TPO, EPDM, metal & fiberglass
  • Superior reflectivity—keeps your interior cool
  • Eliminate troubled seams & prevent leaks
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent weatherability
RV Leakguard - Roof Coating